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The Credit Building Process

Credit MRI has compiled years of experience in the credit restoration business to help our clients not only correct inaccurate information but also build positive credit. Building positive credit is just as important as correcting inaccurate information on your credit reports. Without building positive credit, most people will not see the credit scores they hoped for.

Credit MRI has compiled a list of vendors to help clients build positive credit that will report to all three credit bureaus. For your free consultation contact us today.

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Why work with Credit MRI?

Most companies will only work with the credit bureau, performing a quick, superficial scan of your credit report. Credit MRI delves deeper, completing a full audit of not only the credit bureau, but the collections agency and the original creditor as well. Plus you’ll start seeing results before you pay us a cent. We know the law.
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Advantages with Credit MRI
  • Pay as Low as ONLY $20.00 per Deletion!
  • More Purchasing Power Plus Peace of Mind
  • Get Your Credit Score Back on Track