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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Learning center, with answers to your questions about credit and services we provide.

Although there are numerous companies claiming to be credit repair organizations, very few have the ability to provide the benefits of Credit MRI. Credit MRI can provide what the others lack:
  • It only makes sense that professional credit advocate firm would enforce your legal rights.
  • We have significant experience in understanding the nuances of the law, and how to best ensure that your rights are protected.
  • We have the clout to attack those violating your rights and the tools to back it up.
  • Our services are subject to a higher level of scrutiny as we live by a code of professional conduct.
  • Your case is continually reviewed by Credit MRI who will provide legal opinions when necessary.
  • Your confidentiality is paramount and is protected by adovacate-client privilege.

It would be unethical for any lawyer or law firm to either guarantee a particular outcome, or promise a particular result by a certain date. We can however give you a general idea based on our expertise. Understand, however, that the times quoted are only estimates and the time frame for your particular case may vary. Understanding these disclaimers, we can tell you that many clients see the first dramatic results within 60 days.

Your participation will play a major factor in how quickly we can help you achieve your goals. It is imperative that you do the things that you can control, namely forwarding updated credit reports and received correspondence to us in a timely fashion. Other factors that may influence the speed with which we can help you achieve your desired results include the complexity and nature of your case, and the cooperation of those with whom we correspond.
Why work with Credit MRI?

Most companies will only work with the credit bureau, performing a quick, superficial scan of your credit report. Credit MRI delves deeper, completing a full audit of not only the credit bureau, but the collections agency and the original creditor as well. Plus you’ll start seeing results before you pay us a cent. We know the law.
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Advantages with Credit MRI
  • Pay as Low as ONLY $20.00 per Deletion!
  • More Purchasing Power Plus Peace of Mind
  • Get Your Credit Score Back on Track